fools' gold
pyrite ball, bone, hawk feathers, porcupine quill, raffia
June 2009


mind monkey
monkey skull, used chain, Naga eye, palm oil, paint, colored mirrors, terracotta paste, old wool scissors
June 2009

"monna, Albert II, Hanuman, Mizaru... men's mirror"

enlighted warrior
peyote fan, Huichol mask, plain Indian shield with hawk feathers, paint
June 2009

"light... fearless... crown chakra... devine wisdom, our spiritual nature, our Oneness with the Universe..."

the Shaman's drum
26 round bronze boxes, numbered from A to Z

- eagle feathers, hawaiian pearls (red/ggreen), rafia, spray paint (2)
- hand sculpted iron crosses from Chiapaas, Mexico
- fox tails, yuta, spray paint (3)
- alligator foot (freeze dried and coateed in polyurethane), leather, spray paint
- alligator back scute, leather, spray ppaint
- antique hook, rafia
- badger and porcupine claws, rafia, sprray paint (2)
- pearlized nautilus shell (center cut),, hawaiian pearls (pink), rafia
- mother of pearl sea shell, hawaiian peearls (pink), rafia (2)
- red ear slider turtle shell, leather ((2)
- natural rawhide deer drum head, wood ppearls, rafia (9)
- deer tail, rafia

qbico 97/98/kappa/mu vinyls + insert

November 2009

in collaboration with Qbico Records

blessing chant
wood, leather, paint, cotton
December 2009

"the seed..."

thorny treasure
shell, Naga eye, colored mirrors
December 2009


crystal ball, raffia
December 2009

"rock... Earth... timeless... motionless..."

the Tree of Life
8 years old bonsai, toy bird
December 09

"ready to flight... high"

bone, deer tail, piant, leather, hawk feather, raffia, cotton, wood
December 09

"day & night... wisdom... power from above... clouds"

the eternal balance
metal, seeds, ashes
January 2010


A new beginning
ostrich egg, metal, silver, Ukrainian hand-painted egg
January 2010

"A new life..."

Aphrodite, herma
boji stone, leather, wood
January 2010

"rare male/female, VERY powerful... rouse energy flux, consciousness and mind's clearness"

Heaven & Earth
January 2010

"Sambaso & Okina"

wood, metal nails, horse mane, bamboo wool, palm oil
February 2010

"get ready... ward off..."

Great spirit
buffalo skull, bamboo wool, feathers, paint, Naga eye, red willow bark
March 2010

"now, then and forever"

David's foot
chalk, feathers, gold paint, rafia
April 2010

"wings, thunder"

wood, metal, copper, barbed wire
May 2010

"give you wings/can hurt"

x-ray, feathers, rafia
May 2010

"oblique with no judgment... wild beast"

play YOUR game
whale bone, feathers, dice
June 2010

"play the game of life... hermes... the principle of cause and effect... rise above..."

seven days
stones, water, salt
September 2010

"to purify"

a-rising star
antelope skin, python skin, bamboo
September 2010

"antelope: beat/pulse, python: strengh/power to built, bamboo: fast growing... the star's inside two circles (sun/universe; see also SAS' #01 cover...)"

scraped metal plate, spray, salt, bronze plaque
4 versions: green (x1), yellow (x3), metallic azur (x11) and metallic red (x11)
November 2011

in collaboration with Sagittarius A-Star records

familiar places
horse hair, beads, Kongoni horns
November 2010

"familiar faces..."

familiar faces
Thomson's Gazelle horns, beads, shells, wild boar tusks
November 2010

"familiar places..."

golden axe
wood, leopards skin (rabbit fur pelts), leather, stones, metal, gold
December 2010

"sika kuma: to cut through all blockages on the path... leopard skin: courage/gold: wealth/iron: strength"

golden cup
Tibetan singing bowl, cotton, whale tooths
December 2010

"divine nektar"

four moons
ceramic, leather, feathers
January 2011

"one night i dreamed a belt with 4 moons..."

the four races
corn on the cob (comes from a remote little village, high over a lake...), paint, raw whool, feathers
January 2011

"the Builders... Earth, fire, water, air."

the key to enlighment
metal, ceramic, cotton
Sept. 2011

"most ancient meditation (GLM)... uk hekau, nuk ra akhu, nuk ba ra, nuk hekaru."

wood, paint, feather
Sept. 2011

"loving the aliens"

cotton, bones, antler bone, pelushes, flowers, hand-made wierdo, blessed cross/candle, gold bar, ceramic statuine/face, San Francis statue, wood animal, lion emblem on stone
Oct. 2011

"magic carpet"

shell (f), wood cross (m), rafia, flowers, laurel, animal figurine, gold foil, metal plates, cotton/natural fibers, sweets/candies/honey, animal fat/hair/body parts, feathers, stones, liquor, records
Oct. 21, 2011 (Winter's solstice)


records, mirror, star dust, crystal, stones, silver
Nov. 2011

"a sensational xhol"

ya ku mba
beads, feathers, leather, metal, glass, bear claws
Dec. 2011


Mungo II
cotton, wood
January 2012

"yr spirit is calling"

Feb 2012
chalk, silk cushion, mirrors, bone, shells, wild boar tusks, Naga eyes, antelope horn, bamboo wool


West Africa box
March, 2012

26 copies only, numbered, with:

5 records
high quality leather
various African objects/artworks from various African tribes
cola nuts (to break the colanut with somebody: african saying, which means to make friendship)

a COMPLETE sensorial experience, with all the 5 senses involved:

touch---> the box itself, it's weight
sight---> the box, the artworks
hearing---> the music
smell---> the real leather
taste---> cola nuts

click on each box to see more photos/details

in collaboration with Sagittarius A-Star records

Cross Eyed Icons
paint, cardboard
Nov. 2012

"crossed heart"

weighting case, feather, animal heart
January 2013

"The Principle"

Sinner Lady
March 2013


with yr offers, for more photos, ect...
the ones underlined are still available

with the artwork, you'll get also an old stamp with Nuxakaan's blood
all artworks had been purified with cedar incense

last updated:
Feb. 22, 2014

thanks to:
Ali, for her precious help and suggestions