"years ago i did, on a small local radio station (commercials free), a program called Fringes, which lasted a couple of years... it was a good experience...
after 10 years i decided to do more shows, this time around called <<qbic-o-rama>> which are audible worldwide
please note that all the music comes from my small CDs collection"


Thomas Borgmann/Wilber Morris/Denis Charles- Ode to Sonny (from Organic on Lotus Sound)
Joe Montego- Ewe (from Wild & Warm on Prestige)
Sam Rivers- Capacious (from Vista on Meta)
Amancio D'Silva- Jaipur (from Integration on Columbia)
Arthur Doyle- Just get the funkspot (from Live in Japan on YME)
Northwoods Improvisers- Tuareg (from Lightning Darkness)
Faruq Z. Bey- Fountain (from 19 Moons on Entropy)
Chene Noir- Vivre (from Aurora on Futura)
Ntshuks Bonga- Ancient whispers (from Tshisa ! on Slam)

Borderline Extra
check also their latest QBICO SPECIALS, #3 & #4 and
Borderline - Musik für Grenzgänger
shows #507/505/503a & b/501b

Faruq Z. Bey- Mathnawi (from Ashirai Pattern on Entropy)
Amancio D'Silva- Maharani (from Integration on Columbia)
Min Bul- Champagne of course (from Min Bul on Polydor)
Terje Rypdal- Dead man's tale (from Bleak House on Polydor)
Joe Montego- Dagar (from !Arriba! on Prestige)
Babatunde Olatunji/Muruga/Sikiru- Embracement (from Circle of drums on Chesky)
Ernst Reijseger- Jangelma (from Janna on Winter & Winter)
Julius Hemphill/Warren Smith- Seven (from Chile New York on Black Saint)
Sainkho Namchylak/Ned Rothenberg- 1st dance (from Amulet on Leo)

Yellowish Radio
(just click listen)

Trio 3- Hassan (from Live in Willisau on Dizim)
Triot with John Tchicai- Berber (from Sudden Happiness on TUM)
Har-You Percussion Group- Oua-train (same on ESP)
Sam Rivers- Susurration (from Vista on Meta)
Carlos Bechegas/Peter Kowald- Part 9 (from Open Secrets on Forward)
Joe Montego- Calling for the angels in the water (from !Arriba! on Prestige)
Chene Noir- Le Bonheur (from Aurora on Futura)
Periferia- Inner earthquake (same on In Situ)

Yellowish Radio

Topmost- The end
Baby Grandmothers- Being is more the life
Eero Koivistonen- Pienta pelia urbaanissa limousinessa
Hector- Meiran laulu
Sahkokvartetti- Kaukana vaijyy ystavia
Sikiot- Side one
Sikiot- Trippin together
Those lovely hula hands- Menevat miehet
Kruununhaan Dynamo- Simple things
Those lovely hula hands- Tarazan apornas apa
J.O.Mallander- Degnahc Ev'uoy

all tracks from "Psychedelic Finland" compilation on Love

Borderline Extra

special on Troglosound
Jooklo duo with Jacopo Andreini- Untitled (unreleased)
Neokarma Jooklo trio with Hartmut Geerken- Untitled (extract/raw mix/forthcoming LP on qbico)
Neokarma Jooklo trio- The 3rd eye blues (forthcoming LP on qbico: qbico gamma)
Maurizio Abate- Mystic strings #3 (Troglosound 007 CD-R)
Giorgio Pacorig/David Vanzan- 3rd hallucination (Troglosound 006 CD-R)
Neokarma Jooklo Sextet- Live at Scalodieci (extract/Troglosound 010 CD-R)

Yellowish Radio

Ejwuusl Wessahqqan- Die geborstenen Kupppeln von Yethlyreom
Missus Beastly- Uncle Sam
Opossum- Amina
Eiliff- Journey to the ego
Xhol- Xholenium (excerpt)
Kollektiv- Rapunzel
Opossum- The sun and moon have come together

all tracks from Garden of Delight label

Yellowish Radio