if it's feeling you want, we got it

Dj Qbico- plays Ndo Clement (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #61) LP ltd/numbered 1/99 only with hand-made cover on one-of-a-kind chamois paper, printed labels and black inner sleeves

THE HELIOPOLAR EGG- Live in Kabul (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #60) 2LP set, black vinyl, ltd ed

side a/b/c/d
untitled improvisation part I/II/III/IV

Hartmut Geerken
piano strings, sun harp, gongs, singing bowls, tibetan tshinkas & boo-chals, bells, wood blocks, iron chains, monkey drum, bass, drum, tibetan horn, whistles, flute, singing tube, hurdy gurdy, voice

Michael Ranta
prepared tapes, chinese violin er-hu, argool, tabla, wood blocks, harmonica, vco, vof, echo machine, percussion, voice

rec. Nov. 22, 1976

liner notes (the birth of the Heliopolar Egg): Hartmut Geerken
design, editing, mastering: ep (a-star sound)

"...then in Nov. 1976 we started our Far East Tour from Kabul to Teheran, New Delhi, Calcutta, Dacca, Bangkok, Manila, Seoul & Osaka (as documented on qbico 101 box set & qbico sigma). the very 1st Helio recording (on a Uher Report 4000 reel-to-reel tape machine), before this 4 weeks tour, was our dress rehearsal in my house in Kabul on Nov. 22 for a handful of guests (the 1st real gig was in Teheran on Nov. 25)..." HG

SAS #60 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered

hand.-made triple folder cover with:

- an extra one-sided LP, side e uuntitled improvisation part V
- original hollerith punchcards iinserts signed & stamped by Hartmut Geerken (from IBM pre-computer times, which Susu collected when he was an apprentice in the 50's in a textile factory)
- one piece of Wayne Jacob (Michael Rantta's alter ego) original painting, which he cuts in 26 pieces and signed

RAKKA- Mykorritsan valtakunta (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #59) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side a
Walkin' and thinking'
Mykorritsan valtakunta*
Avarilla mailla

side b
Polkupyörällä Tunisiaan

Kusti Vuorinen: accordion, organ, percussion
Masa Orpana: tenor sax, clarinet
Tommi Kolunen: trumpet, flugelhorn
Ville Rauhala: double bass
Janne Tuomi: drums, percussion

*special guest Tanja Vuorinen: kantele

Greenbow by Janne Tuomi, Avarilla mailla & Walkin' and Thinkin' by Masa Orpana; all other compositions by Kusti

rec. at Kirjasniemi, Orivesi in June 2013 by Markus Pajakkala
mixed & mastered at Lumpeela Recording Studio by Juha Mäki-Patola

originally released as a ltd CD

special thanks: Janne & Masa


"one night i was surfing the net and i can't remember exactly how i arrived at that youtube Rakka video ?! but i saw some friendly faces (Janne from Rakhim and Ville from Black Motor) and i'd immeditaly feel the special vibes... so i wrote them and here they are, the 1st two Rakka releases on vinyl. i started with qbico way back in early 2001, so with these two records i'm celebrating 15 years OUTSIDE the music biz AND please believe me: i'd have NEVER asked/wished for something better to celebrate, both musically and aesthetically ! get down." ep

RAKKA- Soutu (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #58) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side a

side b
Try Not*
Route 325*
Autuaita ovat autuaat

Kusti Vuorinen: accordion, organ, percussion
Masa Orpana: tenor sax, flute
Jykä Ahola: trumpet, flugelhorn
Ville Rauhala: double bass
Janne Tuomi: drums, percussion

*special guest Simo Laihonen (Black Motor): percussion

Reverence composed by Ville Rauhala, Try Not composed by Masa Orpana; all others composed by Kusti Vuorinen

rec. at Tervaniemi, Kuhmalahti in October 2011 and January 2012 by Juha Mäki-Patola
mixed at Lumpeela in June 2012 by Juha Mäki-Patola and Ville Rauhala
mastered at Dreamhouse Studio by Jykä Ahola

originally released as a ltd CD

special thanks: Kusti & Juha


"Finland has always been a place of original charachters... well Rakka are 101% original cats (they learned the lesson/s and went their OWN way/s) and in this so amazing and so exciting today music world, that's already something ! most (if not nearly all) of the records coming out today have a no future or play me only once tag... well these records (top mastering for a top sound quality) are destined to have a bright future and to be played at least twice (such beautiful compositions, all originals written by band members; most by Kusti) but caution: repeated listening'd cause tears of joy (or pure bliss, in some cases)." ep

SAS #58/59 ltd ed
12 copies only (each), numbered

hand-made covers by Kusti + translucent insert with notes + hand-made 7" of Laululintu track from Soutu CD
(the only track missing on these LP versions of the 1st two Rakka CD releases; the first a-star single)


Rakka hand-made covers gallery

KARKHANA- Live at Metro Al-Madina (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #57) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
Under the red light, part I

side B
Under the red light, part II

Mazer Kerbaj- trumpet, plastic trombone, crackle-synth
Umut Caglar- flutes, violin, kalimba
Sam Shalabi- electric guitar, oud
Maurice Louca- synth, electronics
Ozun Usta- double bass, cura
Sharif Sehnaoui- drums

rec. by Fadi Tabbal on Feb. 25, 2014; Beirut, Lebanon

cover illustration by Mazen Kerbaj and Hatem Imam

"This one is very easy to describe: among all qbico and a-star records combined together, this is among the three most powerful ones. imagine a cross betw Kluster and Taj Mahal Travellers with a Middle East feel (musicians are from Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon); their 1st record, rec. live in Beirut. the sound that you hear at the end of the second clip it's not a monster's breath (it's actually an alien :-).
THE ticket to the ride." ep

LP, 200gr. heavy black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
King Assan

side B
The impropriety of longing

Osman Arabi- electric guitar
Umut Caglar- electric guitar
Charbel Haber- electric guitar
Maurice Louca- electric guitar
Sam Shalabi- electric guitar
Sharif Sehnaoui- electric guitar
Fadi Tabbal- electric guitar
Tony Elieh- electric bass

rec. Feb. 21/22, 2014 at the Bustros Palace, Beirut, Lebanon

"Initiated by Charbel Haber, Orchestra Omar is now the very first guitar ensemble to emerge from the Middle East. though the core of the ensemble is Lebanese, the line-up (7 guitar players + 1 electric bass) includes Egypt's Maurice Louca and Turkey's Umut Caglar. this is their very 1st album, consisting of three tracks loosely based on Omar Khorshid's music." ep

UMUT CAGLAR- Seeds of Eternity (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #55) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A

side B
Kara bahtim kem talihim

Umut Caglar- reeds, woodwinds, flutes, vermona electric organ, micromoog, violin, electric guitar, kalimba, percussion, programming, objects, tape delay

*special guest: Gulseven The Lady Medar- vocals

rec. with overdubs, mixed and mastered by Umut Caglar in Istanbul, Turkey, betw Dec. 2013 and Jan. 2014

"Umut is the founder of Konstrukt and the key/leading figure of the new exciting Turkish music scene. this his 1st solo LP, which is both into space (that's the original meaning of the 1st track Feza in old Ottoman language) and attached to tradition: on the last track of the LP he's joined by the sublime voice of Kurdish singer Gulseven, where she reads passages from a sacred poem by old Persian/Turkish poet Noksani, in old Ottoman language. don't know if it'll be eternal but it's for sure a very personal seed, never heard anything like that coming out of Turkey before ?!" ep

SAS #55/56/57/etnik ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Middle East box

on a vibrant pink bubble gum paper with:

- on front a traditional hand-made Ottomman style Iznik design ceramic plate/tile (4 variations)

- a-star #55 with high quality paste-on photo paper on front (notes on back)
- a-star #56 with paste-on pic on front (notes on back) and photo postcard as insert
- a-star #57 with high quality paste-on photo paper on front (notes on back)

- an extra LP on 200gr. heavy black vinyyl by the

Etnik Orchestra- Live in Istanbul (again)
feat. Sharif Sehnaoui and Okay Temiz as special guests

side A
Part I

side B
Part II

Okay Temiz- percussion, flute, harmonica, kalimba
Sharif Sehnaoui- electric guitar
Umut Caglar- flute, kalimba, percussion, violin
Korhan Futaci- alto sax, flute
Can Omer Uygau- trumpet
Sarp Keskiner- flute, percussion, toys
Ozun Usta- cura, djembe
Selim Saracoglu- acoustic guitar
Nihal Saruhanli- bongo, djembe

NORTHWOODS IMPROVISERS- Vol. II (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #51/52/53/54) 4LP box set with printed inner sleeves, black vinyls/black labels, ltd ed 75 copies only numbered

Fog and Fire #51

side A
Komodo dragon
Burning trance

side B
Gypsy lady
Blue dream

Mike Gilmore- vibes, cheng, log drum
Mike Johnston- bass, bass recorder, bells, zither
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion

rec. January 8, 1994 at Northwoods Studios, Michigan

cover art and engineer: mike johnston
mastering: don bracken
originally released by Arc on CD

Branches #52

side A

side B
Line out

Mike Gilmore- marimba, sanza
Mike Johnston- bass, percussion
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion

rec. 2000

recording: mike johnston
editing and mastering: dan bracken
photography: don barber
originally released by Entropy on CD

Spinning #53

side A

side B
Living space

Mike Gilmore- vibes, cheng, percussion
Mike Johnston- bass, wood flute, percussion
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion

rec. June 7th & 8th, 1996 at Northwoods Studios, Michigan

cover art and recording: mike johnston
editing and mastering: dan bracken
originally released by Arc on CD

Arrowheads #54

side A
Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro
Soaring hawk

side B
Himalayan footpath
Aqua caverns
Bamboo forest

Mike Gilmore- vibes, cheng, hand drums, saz
Mike Johnston- bass, wood flute, percussion
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion

rec. April 17, 1985

rec. & artwork: mike johnston
mastering: ep, a-star sound
originally released on cassette only, in very ltd quantities (20/30 copies)

all music recorded live in the studio
all music is acoustic

selection: ep
special thanks: mike johnston

"second and last volume; including one of their earliest rec. from 1985 (not available anywhere else) !" ep

SAS #51/52/53/54 & N-Collective ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
Northwoods box, vol. II

on special sand paper with very small red/green dots with:

- front artworks by Mike Johnston (two vvariations)

- hand-made frame by ep along Mikke's artwork, on various papers (all different = each box is unique)
- signed print by Mike Johnston

- bio/history of the group, written by MMike Johnston, as insert on parchment paper
- an extra one-sided LP on black vinyl, black labels & black polythene deluxe inner sleeves with obi strip designed by Mike Johnston

NORTHWOODS COLLECTIVE with special guest JONE TAKAMAKI (from Finland)

side A
Jone Takamaki- ney
Mike Johnston- bass, bells
Mike Gilmore- bowed saz
Joe Klowski- bass
Kirk Lucas- cello
Mike List- tabla

Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- bone guitar
Mike List- tabla

Jone Takamaki- hochiku
Mike Gilmore- cheng
Mike Johnston- bass, sho, zither
Ben Bracken- gongs, bells, percussion

rec. 2011