deeper into... the naked truth

MURUGA/JOHN CHURCHVILLE/PANDIT SAMAR SAHA- Joty Drums (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #50) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed 1/75; with color postcard as insert

side A
Joty Drums

side B
Sun day saaz
Keherewa Trance
Tabla Conga

Muruga- nada drum, shaker, congas, drones
John Churchville- tabla, bass guitar
Pandit Samar Saha- tabla

special guests:
Alex Terzian- saz, electric mandolin
Vince da Luiso- ektar

rec. 2009 at Sage CT. Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan

rec. and master: Jef Stevens
artwork: Muruga
photos: Cory Robinson


"I listened to the Muruga LP :-) Fabulous! A fantastic record. It sounds really nice and the music is totally immersive and meditative. The sort of vibes that you can play in a constant loop. Joty Drums is another one of those Muruga albums where there are no highlights to pick out: the whole album is a highlight from start to finish. One of those albums where liking one track means you like them all. It's superb played in a dark room at loud volume. You just listen as carefully to it as you can until your mind completely stops thinking about anything. An outstanding recording to crown the achievement that is Sagittarius A-Star. Well done on creating something that nobody else could have." ML

"after so much troubles and efforts i arrived at #50, half way then qbico... and to celebrate such goal i choose what for me is a very special record." ep

Joty Drums won Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Recording at The Detroit Music Awards 2014 and Muruga won for Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska instrumentalist.

SAS #50 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered

- with hand-made cover by Muruga, each oone is unique (see the gallery for more pic)
- with color postcard as insert (differeent from regular ed)
- with color photo as another insert, prrinted on high quality photo paper

NORTHWOODS IMPROVISERS (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #46/47/48/49) 4LP box set with printed inner sleeves, black vinyls/black labels, ltd ed 75 copies only numbered

Lightning Darkness
(trio/4et 1998)

side A
Lightning Darkness
Mike Gilmore- bowed guitar, vibes
Mike Johnston- percussion, bass
Nick Ashton- percussion

Mike Gilmore- cheng
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

Mike Gilmore- percussion
Mike Johnston- shenai, percussion
Ben Bracken- tamboura
Nick Ashton- drums

side B
Mike Gilmore- bone guitar, percussion
Mike Johnston- bass recorder, percussion, penny whistle
Ben Bracken- tamboura
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion

Two Worlds
Mike Gilmore- vibes
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

cover art: mike johnston
originally released by Entropy on CD

Star Garden
(trio 1998/1999)

side A
Raga Ramakali
Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- bone guitar
John Plough- tabla

Blue Star

Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- bone guitar
Kirk Lucas- tamboura

side B
Clay River
Mike Gilmore- dumbeks
Mike Johnston- african flute, cow bell
John Plough- log drums, percussion

Mike Gilmore- cheng
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

Lenticular current
Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- bone guitar
John Plough- tabla

cover art: mike johnston
originally released by Entropy on CD

Paths of Light

side A
Paths of Light (2007)
Mike Johnston, Mike Gilmore, Kirk Lucas, John Plough
instruments (set up in a large circle): steel drums, vibes, log drums, sho, cheng, cello, gongs, mbira, marimba, ewart rain sticks, bell tree, tamboura, bone guitar, shakers, bells, cup gongs, bowed percussion, kora, african string intruments, shakuhachi, bird calls, frame drum, bass, african flute, ewart flute, tabla, bowed saz, logs, conga, zither, inanga, bowed banjo, bass recorder, penny whistle, tibetian bells

side B
Modoc (1999)
Mike Gilmore- steel drums
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- gongs, percussion

Kuhtuhlpa (2011)
Mike Gilmore- mbira
Mike Johnston- wood flute
Nick Ashton- log drum

Yeti Talks to Rumi (2007)
Mike Gilmore- cheng, bone guitar, bowed percussion, frame drum
Mike Johnston- bass, bass recorder
Kirk Lucas- bells, cello, guitar, bowed banjo
John Plough- kora, bells, mbira, wood flute

Dark water (1998)
Mike Gilmore- percussion
Mike Johnston- bass recorder
Nick Ashton- percussion

photo: don barber
available here for the 1st time


side A
Green Star (6/2008)
Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- shakers
Mike List- tabla
Kirk Lucas- guitar

Burundi (7/2008)
Mike Gilmore- kalimba, shaker
Mike Johnston- bass
Kirk Lucas- log drums, rain stick, kalimba

Conciere Ntasiah (5/2008)
Mike Gilmore- guitar
Mike Johnston- bass
Mike List- kosika

Stone circle (7/2008)
Mike Gilmore- shaker, kalimba
Mike Johnston- african flute, bass recorder, rain stick
Kirk Lucas- rain stick

Peace (1999)
Mike Gilmore- vibes
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

side B
When (1997)
Mike Gilmore- vibes
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

Sands (1996)
Mike Gilmore- conga
Mike Johnston- bass recorder
Kirk Lucas- bass
Nick Ashton- log drum

Market (2008)
Mike Gilmore- mbira
Mike Johnston- wood flutes
Nick Ashton- log drum, percussion

Summer (1997)
Mike Gilmore- vibes
Mike Johnston- bass
Nick Ashton- drums

photo: don barber
available here for the 1st time

all music recorded live in the studio
all music is acoustic

recording and mixing: mike johnston
layout and design: mark rudolph
mastering: dan bracken
selection: ep


"Oh, man! This Northwoods box is so F A N T A S T I C! Its one (even the best) of my favourite music collectives! Everything is 110% in tune! The music, the coverartwork, the special Features and the box itself. Very similar to the konstrukt box! I love these vibes created with all these wonderful acoustic Instruments! So naturally! What a Journey. This music is just pure Magic..." Thomas

"I finally came to listen to your latest package of vinyl. First i have to thank you for putting out Northwoods music. I just love this group and since now (at least to my knowledge) only very little was put out. Even better to press it vinyl! You know how to please a vinyl addict. " Johannes

SAS #46/47/48/49 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
Northwoods box

on special orange paper with very small red/green dots (same style as the one used for the Qbico Omicron/Omega box set) with:

- front artworks by Mike Johnston (two vvariations)

- hand-made frame by ep along Mike's arttwork, on interstellar metallic bronze paper (all different = each box is unique)

- signed print by Don Barber of originall inner sleeve cover photograph

- color insert printed on quality paper (front & back) with rare & beautiful images of the band

- an extra one-sided LP on black vinyl/bblack labels & black polythene inner sleeves with obi strip designed/made by Mike Johnston

Homage to Africa

side A
African bells (3/2008)
Mike Johnston- inanga, ethiopian vocal tape
Mike Gilmore- kalimba
Kirk Lucas- percussion

Vimbuza (6/1999)
Mike Gilmore- marimba
Mike Johnston- bass
John Plough- bell hoops, shaker

Suns of Africa (9/2009)
Mike Johnston- bass, bells, inanga, shakers, african flutes, shenhai, bass recorder, bird calls
Mike Gilmore- marimba, kalimbas, congas, gongs, vibes
John Plough- african flute, shakers, kora, ewart rain stick, bird calls, gongs, bells
Kirk Lucas- shakers, log drum, kalimba, cup gongs, cello, inanga, bells

Soro (08/2000)
Mike Gilmore- marimba

THE COLLECTIVE- Idrissa's dream (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #45) 2LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
The Shepherd's Tune
Idrissa's Dream part I

side B
Idrissa's Dream part II
Black Queen

side C
Beginning Roots part I*

side D
Beginning Roots part II*
Veil of Solitude

Idris Ackamoor- alto and soprano saxophones, percussions
Margaux Simmons- flute
Lester Knibbs- piano
Steve Rumboat- french horn
Steve Maniscoso- drums and percussions

*special guest Greg LaMont Wright- soprano saxophone

rec. Live at Antioch College, Kelly Hall, Ohio; August 29, 1971

design, editing and mastering: ep, a-star sound

"How does music reflect the times we live in directly or indirectly? They say Music is a healing force. Well, the music of my first professional band, The Collective, had a lot to heal for the world of 1971. The times were a’changing! The Vietnam War was raging and on May 4, 1970, four Kent State University students (down the road from Antioch College and the home base of The Collective) were killed and nine injured when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire during a demonstration protesting the Vietnam War. It was barely 3 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. Black Panthers Mark Clark and Fred Hampton were gunned down in Chicago on December 4, 1969. All this was happening when I thought to form The Collective in collaboration with Antioch music professor Lester Knibbs and my future wife Margaux Simmons.

The Collective reflected those turbulent times playing music of beauty and healing as well as chaos and intensity. I guess it was appropriate that the other two members were actually renegades from the armed forces. Steve Manicoso on drums and Steve Rumboat on French Horn were both in the air force band stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio and spent their free time in Yellow Springs, Ohio where they could “let their hair down” and escape the rigidity of base life.

Antioch College was a bastion of liberalism in a sea of conservatism. It was a hotbed of anti government, pro communist, political agitators, black separatist, and a drug center for the entire Midwest! What a place to make music in 1971! The Collective preceded my legendary band, The Pyramids, by one year…a year that was as turbulent in the country as it was in my personal life. The extraordinary event that separated the two bands included a tragic personal accident as well as arrival at Antioch of the famous pianist/composer Cecil Taylor and his whole entourage of altoist Jimmy Lyons, percussionist Andrew Cyrille and Clifford Sykes, Dancer Ken Miller, and poet James Thompson. The Cecil Taylor group would be in residency at Antioch for two years!

Through all of 1971 music reigned down like an unending shower that drenched all who were experiencing this magical time with a never to be forgotten creativity and spiritual memory. You might say that The Collective gave birth to The Pyramids. After the dissolution of The Collective, Margaux and myself became devotees of the Cecil Taylor Black Music Ensemble composed of Antioch College music students and others. After being baptized in the fire of Cecil’s remarkable brilliance several months later I went on to submit a proposal to the Antioch College Abroad Program. The proposal’s goal was for Margaux, myself, and a young, crazy electric bass player named Kimathi Asante to travel to Europe, form a band, and then travel throughout Africa. Hence, The Pyramids was born!

Presently there is a lot of attention being paid to the rebirth of The Pyramids! There have been multiple European tours, a plethora of reissues, and new recordings. However, The Collective’s story has NEVER been told and/or heard outside of Ohio until now! Listen to this extraordinary music for the FIRST time. A music still fresh and vibrant after 42 years!" Idris Ackamoor, August 8, 2013

IDRIS ACKAMOOR PARIS QUARTET- The Periphery of the Periphery
(SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #44) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
Saunya's song
The periphery of the periphery

side B
Traveling East

Idris Ackamoor- alto saxophone, tap dance
Rasul Siddik- trumpet, fluglehorn
James Lewis- bass
Ichiro Onoe- drums

rec. Live at Jazzgalerie, Nickelsdorf, Austria, Oct. 6, 2001

design, editing and mastering: ep, a-star sound

"About a week after September 11, 2001 I flew into New York City to be a grant panelist for the Rockefeller Foundation’s arts program. Flying into New York the aftermath of the destruction of the Twin Towers could still be seen as an eerie cloud and haze that embraced the site of the attacks. Walking through the streets there were flyers posted everywhere that detailed the names and descriptions of the missing and dead. I sat in a room for the arts panel that gave me a birds eye view of the destruction. This experience of sights, smells, and art in NYC began my European tour of 2001!

Once the panel was over I was off to Paris, France where I was going to make a rendezvous with musicians I had not seen or played with in over twenty years! Trumpet whirlwind, Rasul Siddik, and Bass virtuoso, James Lewis, were a part of my musical life post the dissolution of my renowned band, The Pyramids. During the 80s both James and Rasul left the San Francisco Bay Area for Paris in search of artistic freedom and work. They have been ex-patriots living in Europe ever since. Over the years I stayed somewhat in touch with Rasul and James and when I wanted to put together a band for my next European tour I thought of them.

Arriving in Paris it was a wonderful Reunion! We rehearsed the music in a classic Parisian cellar that James had procured. Ichiro Onoe who is a wonderfully inventive drummer joined us. Rasul was one of the first members of my nascent performing arts company, Cultural Odyssey circa 1980. I introduced him to the theatrical arts and he introduced me to Burkhard Hennen and the Moers New Music Festival in 1980, which really connected me to the European jazz scene once again. James was a part of my 1978 Ensemble that received one of the first California Arts Council touring grants.

Now, here we were many years later in a Parisian cellar, rehearsing, drinking wine, reminiscing and playing my compositions predominately but also some of Rasul’s as well. However, what really gave the music its fire and spirit was the spontaneity that resulted after the head of the composition was played. During the solos we would take it anywhere! Everywhere! Nowhere! Somewhere! Just fire breathing, bopping and weaving, hoofing and dreaming! It was a remarkable time. A beautiful time after the tragedy of 9/11. It was as if we were playing to the spirits of all of those departed. We are here! Still standing! Still Blowing to the spirits! Stomping and swinging…free spirits one and all!” Idris Ackamoor, August 8, 2013

(SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #43) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
The Maze
Ecstasy and Agitation

side B
Tomorrow's tomorrow

Idris Ackamoor- alto saxophone, tap dance
Hakeem Muhammad- piano

rec. at Klagenfurt Summer Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria, June 1991

design, editing and mastering: ep, a-star sound

SAS #43/44/45 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Zebra box

- front cover with Idris in Zebra atttire
- SAS #43 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on; high quality photo paper) + color postcard
- SAS #44 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on; high quality photo paper) + color postcard and insert
- SAS #45 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on) + insert with notes

OKAY TEMIZ & HUSEYIN ERTUNC ETNIK ORKESTRA- Live in Istanbul (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #42) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed; with insert

side A
part I

side B
part II

Okay Temiz- kalimba, perc, fl, soprano sax, horn
Huseyin Ertunc- kustufons, fl
Dogan Dogusel- kustufons, fl
Musa Dede- perc, whistles, hand-drum
Sarp Keskiner- hand-drum, perc, fl
Ozun Usta- cura, hand-drum, overtone fl
Korhan Futaci- fl, alto sax
Umut Caglar- violin, fl, bendir
Murat Taner- zurna
Barlas Tan Ozemek- acoustic gt
Selim Saracoglu- acoustic gt
Daniel Spicer- bamboo sax, tp, bendir
Berke Can Ozcan- drums, perc

rec. by Ozan Murat, on May 6th, 2013 at Babylon
mixed by Korhan Futaci
photo by Eylem Caglar

thanks: Umut & the Orkestra

"Collective improvisation based on a Turkish folk tune. One of the most ecstatic piece of music i ever heard (simple as it is) ! suddenly i found myself dancing madly, like a Whirling Dervish... unfortunatly i didn't get Enlightment BUT, it was fun !" ep


side A
Studio part I + Studio part II

side B
Concert part I + Concert part II

Okay Temiz- drums, fl, triangle, harp, kalimba, waterphone
Huseyin Ertunc- piano, kustufons, flutes, kalimba
Dogan Dogusei- double bass, kustufons, flutes

special guests on Studio part II: Daniel Spicer- perc & Umut Caglar- kalimba

side A rec. at Okay Temiz Atolyesi, Istanbul by Daniel Spicer (May 2nd, 2013)
side B rec. live at Babylon, Istanbul by Ozan Murat (May 6th, 2013)

cover art: Huseyn Ertunc
thanks: Huseyn, Okay, Dogan & Umut

"1st time ever that two of the most legendary figures from the Turkish jazz scene (Okay & Ertunc) play/rec. together, so really an historic event ! classic pn trio + some more ethnic/otherworldly moments. special front cover artwork by Huseyin, who's an acclaimed painter (he designed also the old Intex front covers...), especially in his own country." ep

KONSTRUKT- Bulut (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #40) LP, black vinyl, ltd ed

side A
El Gato (for Gato Barbieri)

side B

Korhan Futaci- tenor and alto sax, fl
Umut Caglar- moog, vermona organ, electric guitar
Ozun Usta- djembe, electric bass, fl, cura
Korhan Arguden- drums, old k zildjian cymbals

rec. engineered and mixed by Korhan Futaci at Atolye, Istanbul on May 16th, 2012 and June 3rd/5th, 2013

cover concept: Umut
special thanks: Umut

"One day a super nice fellows from Turkey wrote me... Umut ! he enjoyed the one-sided i did by Phill Musra with Huseyin... that's why i always consider myself as a farmer, a plant seeds... well this RARE focus on the Turkey jazz scene are the fruits from that Musra trio one-sided LP... and to be sincere i'd have NEVER belived one day to be able to do such a focus (not even when i stopped qbico): difficult to know/find the right people/the right music from that elusive (but with such a rich musical & historical tradition/s) country !? it all started with that track Bulut, we initially spoke about doing' a one-sided BUT we hit along real well so... here we go: three varied albums from Turkey and a very special ltd box set. Konstrukt it's active since few years now and they recently played Sant'Anna Arresi Festival in Sardinia Island with special guest Marshall Allen... and after various CDs releases (including one with Peter Brotzmann), this is their very 1st release on wax (a record to be played at a very soft volume) ! totally hip Cosmic Turkish jazz ! ah, traditional Turkey's carpet motifs are on the front cover (each ones has a special value, see ltd ed gallery for their meanings)." ep

SAS #40/41/42 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Turkish box

- front cover concept/design by Umut
> - SAS #40 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on; the carpet motifs are divided in 26 parts, so if you put together all 26 ltd ed, you'll see the full design as on the regular ed) + postcard
- SAS #41 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on; artwork by Huseyin Ertunc) + color postcard + another insert on high quality photo paper with 12 pic from the concert
- SAS #42 with different front cover theen regular ed (paste-on; empty stage) + insert with notes + another insert on high quality photo paper with 12 pic from the concert
- large color insert: The Celestial map,, from Zubdet ut Teverih by Lokman (Turkish School), created around 1583 AD

- SAS #41C one-sided LP, black wax, handd-made label (Cybele), front cover image (printed on high quality paper) of a female idol found in Anatolia (bronze, Hittite period 1750-1200 BC) + postcard with notes and pictures from the rec. session (4). back cover a-star logo stamped on red ink.

side A
Rehearsal tapes, part I & part II

various percussion, woodwind, reeds & string instruments by
Okay Temiz, Huseyin Ertunc, Dogan Dogusel, Musa Dede, Murat Taner, Sarp Keskiner, Özun Usta, Korhan Futaci, Umut Çaglar, Barlas Tan Özemek, Selim Saracoglu, Daniel Spicer, Berke Can Özcan

rec. during the last rehearsal for the legendary Babylon concert by Daniel Spicer at Okay Temiz Ritim Atölyesi, Istanbul; May 4th, 2013

mix & edit by Umut Çaglar
cover concept & design by ep

GOOD (precious) VIBES:

My dear EP
The box arrived safely on Friday, in great condition and truly a classy production. Thanks and congratulations on a great job. And of course the music is excellent – especially the joyful orchestra recordings (reminds me of George Gruntz’s ‘Noon in Tunisia’ Mahgreb track – very danceable). I shall tell you how good it was – my wife actually stayed in the room while I played it !! That is high praise indeed !!
Thanks and best regards – DP

Got it last thursday, played it last weekend, will love it in all eternity!
Thank you!

the TURKEY BOX made my sunday! AMAZING! unfortunately too short, again! i love that oriental impact in the free improvisation! dope box! its like a hole nature cosmos (without samples - just with instruments) conserved on waax (especially 041 + 041c - lucky to have the "c")! birds are flying. thunder. rain. just magnificient…
now looking foward to the next package!

SABIR MATEEN/SIRONE/ANDREW BARKER- Infinite flowers (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #39) LP, clear glow orange vinyl

side A

side B

Sabir Mateen- tenor saxophone
Sirone- bass
Andrew Barker- drums

rec. June 30, 2008 by Andrew Barker in Brooklyn, NYC
cover painting by Karl Francke

"good old free music and the best one: never too wild but always outta sight. i liked it from the very beginning 'cos it's DIFFERENT & UNIQUE." ep

EDDIE GALE INNER PEACE ORCHESTRA- Inner peace suite #2 (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #38) LP, black vinyl

side A
String introduction to prayer for the World
Water cave
Love understanding

side B
African Sunshine
When the Saints go marching in

Eddie Gale- flugelhorn & muted trumpet
James Garrison- tenor sax
Emily Haozous- alto sax
Leonard Thompson- piano
Yvette Zee- violin
Colette Zee- violin
Richard Duke- double bass
Allen Santos- double bass
Otis- drums
Tim Carter- drums
Karl Deagling- percussions

guest artists:
Irina Mikhallova- vocal & hand-drum
Ismael Navarrete- baritone & soprano sax

the Orchestra is composed of music students from the University of Santa Cruz 1995 Graduating Class

rec. June 18, 1995 at McKenna Theatre, San Francisco State University

rec: Al Hart, Sokai Audio
mastering: ep, a-star sound


200gr. multicolor heavy wax (main ingredients: green, purple and blue) with NO labels (meteor) and gold glitters; plus color postcard as insert with another original artwork by Muruga
ltd ed 35 copies only numbered (+ 26 for the ltd Milky Way box)

side A
Dandelion wine
Island swamp

side B
Ann Arbor swamp
Con ton de bleu (means i love you)

Perry Robinson- clarinet
Madcat- harmonica & ukelele
Doug- bass
Muruga- drums

rec. 28 Dec. 2012 during Muruga's 70th birthday celebrations

artworks, rec., mastering: Muruga
special thanks: Muruga & Aaron

"Sangoma and Tuva had unfortunatly been the less understood LP in all the entire sagittarius catalog ?! so a few of these, for the lucky few of you who understood... this particular session shows ANOTHER side of the incredibly versatile Muruga's & Perry's art, here playing some unique, warm, joyfull and cosmic hillybilly jazz-a-billy kind of thang." ep

SAS #**C/37/38/39 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Milky Way box

- orange box
- front cover artwork by outsider Afro-AAmerican artist Melvin Milky Way
- SAS #**C one-sided LP, multicolor 200ggr. heavy vinyl (unreleased stuff); cover with gold stamps (front & back) + paste-on photo (on high quality photo paper) of the musician in an a-star dress
- SAS #37 with hand-made covers by Murugga, all unique pieces (check the gallery) + color postcard as insert
- SAS #38 paste-on cover with different photo (printed on high quality photo paper) from regular ed + insert with notes
- SAS #39 paste-on cover with different art (finished artwork) from regular ed + a postcard of Sirone (printed on high quality photo paper; a rare pic from the rec. session), as insert; clear glow orange vinyl

ROY BROOKS ABORIGINAL PERCUSSION CHOIR- Live at the Montreux/Detroit Jazz Festival 1986/1989

3LP set in a triple folder cover;
two black vinyls ('86) + one transparent red ('89)

side A
Aboriginal theme song, part I

side B
Aboriginal theme song, part II
Panoramic view points

side C

side D
Gloom and Doom

side E
Samba del Sol

side F
Five for Max


Brad Felt
Geri Allen
Jerry LeDuff
Ray Mantilla
Marion Hayden
Vincent Bowens
Marcus Belgrave
Sundiata Keita Sun Drummer Society
Teddy Harris New Breed BeBop Society

artwork: Muruga
special thanks: Jazzrenegade
selection, editing, mastering, design: ep


"After the Improvisational Sphere & the Artistic Truth, here it comes the 1st and ONLY available rec. of Roy Brooks' sensational Aboriginal Choir; which used to be one of the highlight of the Montreux/Detroit Jazz Festival. unique & special ?! kind of. so many flavours, rhythms and oddity here: steel drums, tap dancer, berimbau, Afro percussions, musical saw, old skool breaks by the leader (thanks to some mouth controlled electronic devices attached to his drum set), ect ect ect..." ep

"i managed to listen in headphones to some of the roy brooks lps. the 1st track is really classic. i saw roy several times (although not any jazz festival performances) and this really captures some of the essence of roy that didn't get recorded much. i dig it. i listened to side c also. another cool track (also recorded on an m'boom lp). it too is great. i spotted a couple of the '89 performences and look forward to hearing them as well. my initial response to the sound is quite exceptional on the '86 performance. and way better than "normal" for detroit festival recordings that i've heard. the '89 set sounded good (but more typical of what i'm used to hearing). but not quite as nice. we've played at the festival twice and the recordings sound more like the '89 show of our performances. i haven't been able to listen through my nice home system yet. so i'll comment more later on. i really think it's a special document and captures one of the true detroit giants with great bands. thanks for the record, and thanks for putting it out. ...i had a chance to listen more last night to the brooks aboriginal music set. yes, it's exceptional in every respect. i particularly dig the '86 concert that is more of an m'boom / brooks / detroit approach with strong rhythm grooves driving the pieces. again, the sound is also of a good quality for an outdoor festival performance of a rather large sized band. the theme song really cooks. real cool. the '89 show is great also. but takes on more of a jazz feel. yet, the cool layered rhythmic qualities prevail in this performance also. the recording of this performance isn't as nice as the '86 recording and has more of an audience vibe in the sound. but it's a great document of a detroit music icon. best Mike Johnston (Northwoods Improvisers)

ep's reply: great, thanks Mike for yr comments, for sure more valueable then any music mag and/or music critic ! also very pleased to hear that you dig it ! as for the audience vibe sound that you mentioned on the '89 set, well i personally like that, especially when the audience is so hot and receptive ! :-) plus it gave me the sensation of being there, a live sensation indeed."

SAS #36 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Aboriginal box

- front cover artwork by Muruga (who plaayed and even studied a bit with Roy back then in big D)
- left & right inside panels with exxtra photos and notes
- an extra full 180gr. LP (which plays aat 45RPM), with the remaining set of the 1989 gig at the Montreux/Detroit Jazz Festival
made using the following color/s combinations, basic: clear & gold, then white added, then green and finally black
(see Aboriginal box gallery for some fine samples)

side G
Our continent
Jamaican lip-so

side H
Our roots
Boy and Soul


LP 180gr. hand-made vinyl (each one is a unique piece); in a pic disk cover, with flyer of the concert on back, ltd ed numbered 1/33 ONLY

four versions:

3D, marbled galaxy, stars and stripes, black holes

side A
Matt MV Valentine with The Aquarian Foundation

MV- bantar, electronic tabla
Eirka Elder- lap steel, percussion
Willie Lane- guitar
Rongoose- bass

side B
Second Family Band

Dan Woodman, Iam Lee Ian, db Pedersen, Endless

live at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn
April 22, 2011

editing: ep
mastering: mv, spectrasound
special thanks: lawrence kumpf

YHW13- Live at the Velvet Lounge (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #35) LP, azul vinyl

Djin- guitar
Sunflower- bass
Octavius- drums

rec. March 27, 2008 in Washington DC

artwork: Bobby BeauSoleil

"4 long instrumental tracks, 2 each side. Father Yod's Sons live on The Legacy... psychedelic music at his best and one of the best, in term of sound quality, album ever released in th entire qbico/sagittarius catalog." ep


LP (black) + one-sided clear fuchsia LP and pic disk artwork on back side (D); hand-made 3D emblem cover with 4 cut corners

side A
East to West
side B
Veiled Gallery
side C
Goodbye Asphodel


Nico Kain (A,B), Ivan Mairesse (A), Dan Woodman (A,B,C), Dave3000 (A,B), Clay Ruby (A,B), Endless (A,B,C), Ol'son (A), Iam Lee (B), Shane Verwey (B), Nick Johnson (B), Joel Shanahan (B), Nick Turco (B), Nathaniel Ritter (B), Brian Steele (C), Ian Adcock (C), Max Elliott (+?), db Pedersen (+?), Troy Schafer (+?), John Gould (+?), Nic Stage (+?), Karen Eliot (+?), David Stearns (+?), Clay Kolbinger (+?)

Side A - originally released by Earjerk Records on the East to West cassette. rec. at Randy Street Bunker by Endless 2009
Side B - originally released by Brave Mysteries on the Veiled Gallery cassette. rec. August 2009 at the Harvest House and St. Mary of the Oaks by Nathaniel Ritter and Clay Ruby.
Side C - previously unreleased. rec. 2010 at Br. Early's Greenhouse by Endless.

artworks: David Stearns
design, editing, mastering: ep


"of all the records I got from 2000 to 2010, a coupla by 2nd Family are among my fav... they remind me a bit the good old Sunburned Hand of the Man (or at least that tradition) but of course, with their own unique sound. anyway, i wrote them... Tony kindly sent me stack of stuff... i selected & compiled a few things and they kindly agreed without exception. i also invited the Family to the 1st sagittarius a-star night at ISSUE, NYC back in 2011: when i met them i was engulfed by their very aromatic, smokey aura... their set was very late (3rd) but even so, before coming to the stage they put on a kind of background tape/music and disappeared.... weird sounds filled the air and immediately i was... in some other place.... to me they got that magic touch. those particular vibes also saturate these three long sides; a very peaceful music, ideal for late night shows or esoteric rituals..." ep

"... It's been a grind of a week for me. So the prospect of some unplayed SAS vinyl to brighten things up put a smile on my face … an ideal way to start the weekend. This particular weekend was going to be kicked off with the Second Family Band LP from the UFO Box! Side A jumped straight away into a very trippy, ritualistic opening. "East To West" it was called. A name that this piece was correctly given. With it's rhythm reminiscent of North American Indian drums ("West"), while the strings very much had an eastern feeling to them ("East"). After hypnotically building on this, in both tempo and volume, it settles into a sombre and shamanistic central section. This is really hitting the mark for me! It's almost like my subconscious made me wait until the end of a crappy week before putting this on and getting totally zoned out by it. It's reminding me in a big way of the Cavehill Hunters Attrition triple LP by Valley Of Ashes in a kooky, psychedelic kind of way. After calming things down the sound moves even further eastwards with twanging, oriental sounding strings and melodies…. as if to sooth the listener out of their hypnosis, or deeper into it - I suppose the direction taken is optional, but I'd better make up my mind soon because I need to turn the LP over onto the B side! It's very immersive stuff! So much so, that you either risk not getting to the end of the album (consciously) if you just let yourself go with it; or you can concentrate hard all the way through but not get everything out of it that you potentially might. Veiled Gallery starts off as a much more psychedelic trip than a cultural sounding one. Acid rhythms and picked strings are backed with a curious industrial sounding drone. I think this side is reminding me a lot of the awesome Loosers releases on Qbico. The woody sounding percussion eventually gets some flanged out guitar washing over it as Veiled Gallery simply marches on through all of it. This one is making me thirsty! :-D It's all over too quickly as side B ends with some spacey, cosmic sounding electronics …time to grab a bottle of vino!!! The 2nd LP is a cool coloured piece of vinyl! What did you use in the end to stick the artwork to the D-side?? The music has a cool combination of wailing sounds, rhythms and guitar string picking that morph into music with an Indian Subcontinental flavour. It's all perfect late night listening material. I can see myself listening to hours of this stuff on a long overnight drive while watching the asphalt zip past in the headlight beams. There's a strange change in the middle of side C. After almost fading out the sound comes back at you in the form of a watery yet hollow sounding rhythm. One of those weird organic sounding rhythms that you can't stop listening to!! That was 3 brilliant sides of listening. Makes me want side D even more now :-D You have to release more of this band. If you have so much stuff sent to you from Tony, I think you should do a Second Family Box maybe!?? 2 more UFO box LP's to go :-) But I'm going to play this album one more time first. Best regards." ML

BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL- Dancing hearts afire (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #33) LP hand-made splatter vinyl and labels, ltd ed 99 copies only numbered (+26 for the ltd ed box)

rec. 2011/12

the recipe
basic colors: black + metallic gold
variations (six): with yellow & white/violet, yellow & white/azul, yellow & green/ blue/green, yellow and white/red, yellow & white

labels design: Bobby BeauSoleil

i'd like to personally dedicate this album to Barbara BeauSoleil, a dancing sweet heart, rest in P

"A very subtle two sides long piece of music which grows on you... Bobby's guitar solos are particulary evocative, especially if heard at very low volume :-). new rec. from Bobby BeauSoleil in at least 25 years !? a special and rare event ?! nah..." ep

SAS #33/34/35/U-Nite I ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the UFO box

- exclusive artworks by outsider artist:: Ionel Talpazan
special thanks to LK, who helped me to locate this elusive artist

- box available in three versions: metalllic azul x3, fluorescent yellow x3 and white x20

- SAS #33 most extravagant and coolorful copies

- SAS #34 with hand-made FOLDER ccovers done by Family's members

available in the following variations:

starry night
egg plant
clear lake

lettering: Dan Woodman

front & back cover: +*:+.*:'(coughing glitter)':+*.+:* Endless (aka Star Child)

inside collages: Brian Steele, Clay Ruby, Dan Woodman, Danny Gonzalez, Nick Johnson, Dave 3000 and Endless

side D pic disk with different artwork from regular ed

- SAS #35 with exclusive artwork by Bobby BeauSoleil (his vision of a Djin, a Sunflower and an Octavius)

- SAS #U-Nite I 180gr. LP on galaaxy vinyl with glitters or star dust (each vinyl is hand-made and a unique piece); housed in a special cover with large opening on front and original size poster of the concert on back

the UFO box ltd ed gallery

MURUGA & BIG BLACK- Sangoma drums (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #32) LP, clear fluorescent yellow vinyl

side A
Inner Journey

Muruga Booker- nada drum
Big Black- nada drum, nada jar drum
Perry Robinson- ocarina
Shakti- rattles

Electric Body Drums

Muruga Booker- small body drum
Big Black- large body drum

side B
Chant of Bahia

Muruga Booker- drums, percussion, nada drum
Big Black- hand drums, tumbas, percussion & tin sheet
Perry Robinson- ocarinca & clarinet
Harry Ely- hammered dulcimer
Vince da Luiso- ectar
Ilia Reyzman- violin
James Gurley- guitar
Shakti- vocals

rec. August 17, 1990 at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, California

recording engineer: Bob Dennis
studio assistant: Tom Garr
mixed and mastered at Sage ct studio, Ann Arbor by muruga booker
aka priest steven bookvich and Jef stevens

artwork: Muruga

originally released on cassette in small quantities, back in the early 90's

"While living in Cupertino California just after recording the grammy Nominated album blues from the Rainforest, with Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, I was also doing a lot of new age world trance music, for my own label Musart Co. now Musart media, with an array of very interesting spiritual and artistic musicians , many of which are on this group of recordings. People Like God father of sread & phycodilic guitar, James Gurley from Janis Joplin and Big brother and the Holding Co. , perry robindon son of Earl robinson , a 7 time Down beat jazz poll winner on Clarinet , llia Reyzman x Violinist for the Moscow Syn and Played for Gorbachoff , also on synth . hammered dulcimer player Herry Ely herry goes back to daiting billy holiday and the roots of jazz…. Vince da Luiso on Ectar and percussion. a one string drone rhythm interment the mother of guitar…Vocalist Shakti Patty Bookvich my beloved wife, and percushinest andy doerschuk , Who I met at drums and drumming while I was doing the differn’t drummer colem for them he was my editer and has a deep insight to drumming. One of the albums I was planning to record at the music Anix in Palo alto Calf was the Sangoma drums album with Master percussionist Big Black who was a real influence on me in my youth as a drummer. I met Big Black at Yoshies while jamming with Pharo sanders for Eddie Moore’s Memorial also percussionist on the Rainforest album as guest . Big black and I were doing a trance album reminiscent of the Sangoma an Afrocian Shaman Madison man and healer, keeping in line with the trance drumming I did with prem das and Shakti on Journey of the Drums a new age trance classic even playen on Hearts of space… while we were prepairing to do this album Master engineer Bob Dennis from the disc ltd who I met while recording at the disc with the soda jerks my group that George Clinton was producing and there and Bob was the engineer….we ended up recording projects for 20 years… anyway bob called and said he wanted me to do the sound tracks for two tv shows one on tuva and the other on a physicly impaired man who pattled a boat across the Bering straits from Russia to Alaska. I said I was already doing a session with big black and all earlier mentioned, so why don’t we do it all in the same week with the same musicians and Bob Dennis as engineer and Tom Garr as studio helper.. We created a spirit art inviorment in the studio to get the right vibe insterments everywhere our own and some rented like a deep bass drum that was so low the def could feel the music without hearing and it was thus used in that way dancing to the vibration they could feel all set and we recorded Sangoma Drums and then and the next day we did Tivinian Trance while the band recorded while the movie was being showin to us and the same way the next day with Bering strait vishion and sound. A cosmic and spiritual artistic session that was with food wine and incense flowing an co creating in Spirit with these great souls. Love in thanks for the chance to record with these great mistros of sound and trance vibrations in a Spirit World way." muruga

MURUGA & BIG BLACK- Tuva trance (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #31) LP, black vinyl

side A
Bering Strait Vision Tones
a.1 Circle Dance Across
a.2 Bering Strait Iceolations Blues

Muruga Booker- accordion, trap drums, percussion, nada drum
Big Black- hand drums, tumbas, percussion
Perry Robinson- ocarina, clarinet
Harry Ely- hammered dulcimer
Ilia Reyzman- violin, synth
Andy Doerschuk- percussion
Shakti- vocals, trap drums
Vince da Luiso- ectar
James Gurley- guitar

side B
Tuvanian Trance

Muruga Booker- trap drums, voice, percussion, nada drum, Tibetan long horn
Big Black- hand drums, tumbas, percussion & tin sheet
Andy Doerschuk- bass drum, percussion, bells
Vince da Luiso- ectar, percussion, bells
Perry Robinson- ocarina, clarinet
Harry Ely- hammered dulcimer
Ilia Reyzman- violin, synth
James Gurley- guitar
Shakti- vocals

rec. August 18 & 19, 1990 at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, California

recording engineer: Bob Dennis
studio assistant: Tom Garr
mixed and mastered at Sage ct studio, Ann Arbor by muruga booker
aka priest steven bookvich and Jef stevens

artwork: Muruga

"Muruga rec. this amazing music 23 years ago ?! well, it still sounds too fresh even today... they'll understand in the next coupla of decades, MAYBE ?!" ep

UNI Trio (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #30) one-sided LP, black vinyl; ltd ed 99 numbered copies only (+ 26 for the ltd ed box set)

side A
Raga Roni
Laser Beam Blues
Lullaby of the Elements
Children's Song

Perry Robinson- clarinet
David Izenzon- double bass
Randy Kaye- drums

rec. at Vanguard Studios, NYC on 25th January, 1968

artwork: Muruga

"(Perry was stationed in Panama during his military service back in the early 60's)... My most important army experience was playing with the UNI Trio, the three of us (original members Bill Folwell and Tom Price) getting to know each other and exploring the high free music. It was like paradise; at night we would go to the banks of the canal with palm trees and the stars and the universe around us. that's why we called ourselves the UNI Trio, becouse we were playing universal music, playing out with stars and the universe.... The UNI Trio was a very special group, and a very important part of my development.... I had a later versions of the UNI Trio including one with Tom Price and another with Steve Tintweiss and drummer Randy Kaye. Then i had a UNI Trio with Dave Izenzon and Randy, and that was one of the highest." Perry Robinson from the book The Traveller

SAS #30/31/32 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Muruga/Perry box
(and James too)

- on front an original and unique artworrk by Muruga (all different)
- SAS #30 with paste-on cover and differrent artwork from regular ed + insert
- SAS #31 with paste-on cover and differrent artwork from regular ed + insert
- SAS #32 with paste-on cover and differrent artwork from regular ed + insert

- SAS #32c one-sided LP with hand-made llabel (photo of Sangomas) and totally unreleased music from the Sangoma drums session (this particular track was not even on the original cassette release)

Blissfull implosions
Muruga/Perry Robinson/Big Black

the Muruga & Perry box ltd ed gallery

BLACK MOTOR- Jumehniemi (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #29) LP, black vinyl and printed inner sleeves

side A

side B
No spell nor prayer
Kolme neitta niemessa

Sami Sippola- tenor and baritone sax
Ville Rauhala- bass
Simo Laihonen- drums

rec. January 2011 in Jumehniemi, Finland
engineer: Jussi Saivo

artwork: Visa Knuuttila
photos: Black Motor

"The Black Motor on Sagittarius (after their 1st qbico release) ! probably one of best & more respected free music outfit in Europe right now, for sure they rules in Finland and especially in their own town, Tampere where they even have i think a bi-monthly night called Black Motor Klubi at legendary Club Telakka... it's for sure one of the tightest group i know of, having the chance to play a lot together and this is clearly manifest when you hear their unfocused playing... their most mature work to date ?! the fierceful album's title composition occupy all side A and it's a wild affair, while the three pieces which make up the B side are a different deal: meditative and joyfull in the moods." ep


Jon Draeby Nielsen- reeds
Nikolai Brix Vartenberg- reeds
Magnus Olsen Majmon- drums

rec. at Magnus' wooden room (near Copenhagen, Denmark) some days in 2012

artwork: Nikolai

"Two new side-long improvised tracks by Trulofa Trio rec. this very year ! such fine, young and talented players with their own sound and art too, which best translate their natural music in images of... ghosts, forest's spirits, out there being, waterfalls of glorious light, dancing shadows..." ep

ELEKTRODIESEL- Summer Sessions, Del Tre (SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #27) LP, black vinyl

side A
Sometimes i forget to remember, part I

side B
Sometimes i forget to remember, part II

Vidar Evensen, Gaute Sortland, Andreas Meland, Jon Ovstedal, Laila Evensen, Tom S. Magnussen and Espen Jensen

instruments played:
analogue synth, electric organ, PA feedback, guitar, drums, percussion, Bontempi air organ

rec. in the Summer of 1999 in Haugesund, Norway

artwork: Espen Jensen
thanks: Espen

"One day i was going through the rockets that i get in betw 2000 and 2010... i gave most of them away and kept only the best ones.. among these there was the 1st Elektrodiesel album which came out in 2000 on Synesthetic label on a very heavy slab of wax... so i thought about writing/looking for the man behind it... fortunatly Espen, apart being a really easy going folk, rec. more material from that 1999 Summer Session ! in over 3 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes were put on a cassette dictaphone (no fancy digita stuff has he remarked to me)... i selected and compile the best material and here we go: you got a mesmerizing psychedelic live set of raw power/beauty, all improvised/all real (unpolished/unmixed)... few moments of it and i felt like to be... to be right there: in the middle of the crystal cave..." ep

MATS GUSTAFSSON- Mats G plays Gullin
(SAGITTARIUS A-STAR #26) one-sided LP, black vinyl, insert & paste-on cover; ltd ed 99 numbered copies only (+ 26 for the ltd ed box set)

side A
Dannys' dream

Mats Gustafsson- baritone sax

recorded, mixed and mastered May 6th, 2011 by Martin Siewert
photo by Kirill Polonsky

"3rd in a series of 3 solo one-sided LP (previous two on qbico)... this time Mats G on baritone sax render hommage to his own country leading sax player: Mr. Lars Gullin." ep

SAS #26/27/28/29 ltd ed
26 copies only, numbered
the Scandinavia box

- on front aurora borealis images on higgh quality photo paper, 12 different versions
- SAS #26 with paste-on cover, insert, aand signed photo by Mats Gustafsson
- SAS #27 with hand-made covers by Espenn Jensen; all different/unique
- SAS #28 with hand-made covers by Jon, Nikolai and Susan Thorhauge; all different/unique
- SAS #28c one-sided LP by Trulofa (fromm the same session; in the same cover with side A/B)

- SAS #29 with hand-made covers by Blackk Motor's conoscenti: Suvadeep Das, Liisa Lahti, Raila Knuuttila, Visa Knuuttila, Noora Porola and Ville Vaha; all different/unique

Scandinavia ltd ed gallery